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Clashnessie What you will find in those pages are stories and photographs of the three trips to Scotland we have made so far. Our first trip was a 10 days tour in 1998 which felt short but long enough to make us want to come back. This time we went in Inverness and around and on the Isle of Skye. Our second trip, in 2003, was a charming stay of more than 3 weeks, mainly spent in the highlands and the islands. This time we were hexed for good. Our latest trip lasted 5 weeks in July-August 2005. It was a grand tour through the outer Hebrides and Orkney. We shall write the pages one at a time, be patient.

We spent some time in these parts of Scotland. We want you to share a bit of the spell of this country through some of our photos among our own. Welcome to Scotland and its wilderness.

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